Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting an iPhone.. Do you need a iPHone 3G or an iPHone 2G

Finally I got my iPhone…. It’s an iPhone 3G.

First of all I need to thank people who really helped me .BA you are my man ..! Thanks dude. Thanks for the quick contact you have given me. I am very lucky to have a friend like you. Ravin, Malaka(Aus) and Dinesh (Dubai) thank you guys. And thank you HSBC for you commercial support. And I want to thank to my parents to their lifetime support for every thing.

After finishing 4 months time hard effort I was soooooo lucky to have an iPhone. I know you don’t feel much about Apple iPhone since you don’t own one. But when you touch it, you will feel the difference. Take my word….!

It is the coolest gadget that I have ever seen on this terra-firm. If anyone wants to argue about that, YOU ARE WELCOME to my comment area…!!

Let me give you a quick review about iPhone history.

Apple has launched their first revolutionary design last summer 2007. After having 60 minutes long TV commercial in USA they started their business and now Apple is the 3rd largest mobile manufacture in the world. The new multi touches desing made breakthrough for the mobile phone industry.
The cost of that product was $499 for iPhone 2G 8GB and $599 for iPhone 2G 16 GB. But they didn’t allow to sell iPhone world wide and only selected countries were gotten the chance since it was locked with selected telecommunication providers. But it was unlocked by our guardians (Hackers…thank you…) and as a result people like sri lankans can use it with local networks.

After 1year they have launched their 2nd Version “the younger brother of iPhone” and it called iPhone 3G. It has the every thing that Apple missed in iPhone 2G. Such as GPS, 3G etc.It costs around $199 and it was come with a 2 years contract period and now it is only available in selected countries and “WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THAT LIST”.


Can we use iphone 3G in Sri lanka??
This is the question wich came into my mind when I wanted to buy an iPhone. Thought it is easy to jail brake (cracking software part) we still can’t unlock with the network (unlock the GSM network). There fore I like to say like this “still we can’t use it like a simple phone” BUT there is a sim called TURBO sim and you can patch with your existing sim and it works really well. I can guarantee since I am using it for couple of weeks.
Fellas..!! I like to make the statement for the above question like this!!!! …."You can buy an iPhone 3G and you can use it in Sri Lanka with Mobitel,Dialog,Hutch,Tigo or anything".

This is how I got my iPhone
Today is 17.12.2008 and the idea of getting an iPhone was came in to my mind 4 months ago. I don't know how it happened but I needed an iPhone so badly then I searched the ways of getting an iPhone here. As I mentioned earlier we are not eligible to get iPhones legally and it made me to search every possible alternatives. The ways of getting an iPhone are given below.

1.Searched through my friends
I have lots of friends in abroad. I contacted them and asked about the information. Believe me friends; if you have friends in abroad do not waste your time and money on them. They never never you. Take my words. When I asked about an iPhone they had thousands of reasons to figure out. So let them to figure out their problems and try some alternatives

YES! You can buy through the e-bay but I never agree with those methods since we cannot see the product unlit it comes to our hand. But there are some good dealers. So if you really want to deal with e bay, study about your buyers and find out how credible are they. One of my friend got a black berry phone through e-bay and it worked really well. So if you need any further information about e bay let me know. I will give you the information on how to find good dealers and how to do good deals with e-Bay

3.Try with some on-line second hand products selling portals

I have a friend in Australia and he gave this site URL He is Malaka Yapa. He is not that kind of friend that above mentioned. He helped me a lot. “Thanks again for his corporation”
The site is . I spent days by searching an iPhone there. Gumtree portal spreads around several countries and you can search an iPhone according to your preference, whether it is about an iPhone 2G or an iPhone 3G, they have results. Some people put their iPhone with photos, contact numbers and the meeting point. So again if you have any friend or relation in a country which is listed in the , just tell them to give a ring and check some items there. But I'm not sure about any people in abroad. They do nothing. Anyway you batter have a try without doing nothing.I have tried several items and my Aus friend tried to make the deal. But it was in vain since some people bugging around and some messages were faked. You should aware those meaaages.
Here we go..!!

Last week I had a chance to chat with my university friend and we have been working two different places since we left university. When I was chatting I just asked about iPhones because he got a nice blog and its about mobile phones in Sri Lanka.( ) he has mentioned the latest price list and offers there.If you change your mind for not to buy a iPhone, I recommend you to go to that blog and check the latest price according to your pocket. So he gave me a HOPE. He gave me some local numbers and I called them.And………I was really lucky at that day and there was a guy in Colombo made my 4 months old dream in to reality. He got iPhone 2G for around Rs40000 and iPhone 3G around Rs65000-70000.

I went to meet him to get an iPhone 2G. When I went there I saw the beauty of iPhone 3G. I spent there for 20 minutes and believe me, there were more than 10 people came to that place to unlock iPhone 3G.I was surprised. Since iPhone developers told that the iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked I thought 3G can’t work in local networks. But I saw that turbo sim works really well. Therefore I though its worth buying an 3G iphone since the technology is already in Sri Lanka. Finally now I own an iPhone 3G .It cost me Rs 60000.

Hm.... as a very good fan of iPhone I know how hard it was to live without an iPhone after came it in to my mind. I wasted so many hours to find an iPhone in Sri Lanka and that is why I realized to write a blog about “How to get an iPhone in Sri Lanka” .

so if anyone needs any HELP on iPhone, I really like to help you. Because I don't want to see you wasting your time like I did. I did not put the iPhone shop contact here. But if you really really need the full information, just drop me a mail and I will reply you ASAP. My mail address is ( skype id: nirosh_best)

I have made a face book group called "I have an iPhone and I am From Sri Lanka" you can follow this link and send me a request and I will add u as soon as possible. This group is only for the people who really like iPhone product and the group will share every updates, application and other relevant details. So let’s build Sri Lankan iPhone community.Cheers..!